Bob’s Seasonal Range

Originally created in 2011 for The Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, London, Bob’s range of seasonal bitters were made available globally in 2017 as a limited edition. They proved to be popular, so much so that they are now available all year round.

Complex and aromatic, Bob’s Seasonal Range capture the individual characteristics, tastes and aromas of each season.

Bob’s Spring Bitters

Wonderfully aromatic with the scent of blossoms, petals and herbs, Bob’s Spring Bitters add a floral, herbaceous note to a light, refreshing cocktail or a gin and tonic.

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Bob’s Summer Bitters

With the scent of summer fruits and berries, Bob’s Summer Bitters are a wonderful addition to a glass of Pimm’s or a summer Martini.

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Bob’s Autumn Bitters

With the depth and aromas of autumnal fruits, spices as well as woody notes, Bob’s Autumn Bitters offers a delicious blend of fig, plum, apple and apricot with spices.

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Bob’s Winter Bitters

Reminiscent of winter flavours with citrus, spice and dried fruits, Bob’s Winter Bitters conjure up images of cozying up beside a log fire or the festive season.

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