Bitters from a culinary perspective

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Ex-pastry chef, Bob Petrie has created a suite of single-ingredient, artisan bitters for use in contemporary cocktails.

Instead of taking the traditional blended-bitters route, Bob approached the development of his products from a culinary perspective. The resultant elixirs each contain an authentic, specific flavour, allowing the user to impart an intense, individual taste to a concoction. It’s why so many of today’s best mixologists see good bitters as the glue that holds a cocktail together.

Much lauded by the high-end cocktail bar industry, Bob’s Bitters are now available to use at home.

The Original Pick-Me-Up

Bob has assisted D. R. Harris with the re-introduction of their famous ‘morning reviver’, The Original Pick-Me-Up, in a reimagined form as a cocktail bitters.

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Bob’s Approach

Bob’s Bitters is a truly artisanal product. Bob hand-makes, bottles, labels and distributes his bitters all from his bespoke unit in Essex.

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What are Bitters?

Find out about cocktails bitters, how our bodies react to bitter flavours, and Bob’s culinary approach to their creation.

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Where to Buy

Bob’s Bitters are now available to buy online and from stockists around the globe. Find your nearest stockist here.

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Initially created by the enigmatic Bob for the Dorchester Bar, this much sought-after range can be seen in the top flight of professional bars.

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