In praise of bitters

08 January 2020

Wine writer Jonathan Reeve profiles the various alcohol-free and alcohol-reduced drinks available in his feature: “How to Abstain” published on

Jonathan writes:
“Bitters are a great way to instantly jazz up various drinks without resorting to booze. Three dashes of bitters will add negligible alcohol to a drink, but stacks of flavour and intrigue. Three dashes of bitters in 300 ml of tonic water creates an excellent drink with about 0.25% alcohol.”

 “Angostura is the everyday/famous bitters, but Bob’s are better.Definitely seek these out. They’re hand-made in small batches, and available internationally. Bob makes incredibly pure cardamon bitters, and also grapefruit. Both of these are great for mixing Gunners, and any number of other interesting drinks.”

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