Gin and Tonic cocktail

Gin & Tonic

When many think of cocktail hour, it is the simple Gin & Tonic which most readily springs to mind. Bitters are an appetite stimulant, so a sprinkle of Pick-Me-Up creates a perfect aperitif and highlights the different botanical notes in your favourite gin. D.R. Harris’s neighbours, Berry Brothers, happen to produce an award-winning classic London dry gin, so that is our first choice for this refreshing pre-dinner drink.


  • 25ml (or 50ml) Berry Brothers No. 3 Gin
  • 150ml Fevertree Tonic
  • 5 dashes Original Pick-Me-Up


In a tumbler pour either a single or double measure of gin over ice and add tonic water. Add 5 drops of Original Pick-Me-Up to complement the herbal tones of the gin and add a subtle sweetness.

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