Bob’s Lavender Bitters

Bob uses dried French lavender flowers, sweetly redolent of a Provençal garden, and steeps them in alcohol to create this whimsical tincture.

Bob knew the floral freshness of lavender would enhance the aromatic botanicals contained in Gin but he was thrilled to note that the citrus and rosemary notes in Bobs Lavender Bitters work perfectly with Tequila and Vodka too.

From a culinary perspective…

Marylebone cocktail den, Purl teamed up with Chase Williams Gin to create this beautiful teacup cocktail to commemorate the Royal Wedding. It was served with a smoking teapot of Earl Grey to create a truly sensory experience.

Chase Williams Gin teacup cocktail

Created by Purl


  • 50ml Williams Gin
  • 20ml Lemon juice
  • 5ml gomme
  • 2 barspoons English strawberry conserve
  • Bob’s Lavender Bitters
  • 25ml Nye Timber sparkling wine


Shake all ingredients except the sparkling wine, strain into a teacup and top with wine. Ideally serve with a smoking teapot of Earl Grey tea.

Bob’s Lavender Bitters also make a sweet, blossomy tea, can add glamour to salad dressings and elevates humble ice cream to chilly new heights.

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Reviews for Bob’s Lavender Bitters

Perfect for adding a floral and summer touch to your cocktail, it will pleasantly perfume the driest alcohols. It will also complement ideally all your gin-based creations.

Intensely floral and one of the least bitter, this has a wonderful fresh lightness. The lavender bitters have become a favourite of mine in a Gin and Tonic.

Oh Gosh!

Many of Bob’s Bitters are high concentrations of botanicals used to flavour gin… His lavender bitters brought a stylish, elegant tinge to a gin and tonic.