Bob’s Abbotts Bitters

Taking five years to perfect, Bob’s recreation of this classic recipe is the only product in his range to use a variety of aromatics, including lively peppermint, sweet cinnamon and warming spices.

Abbotts Bitters were originally produced in Baltimore, but soon became popular across America, adding a sweet vanilla flavour to cocktails throughout the early 20th century.

With no recorded recipe for the original Abbotts Bitters, Bob set about recreating this classic bitters recipe through careful tasting and testing of a surviving original bottle supplied by renowned mixologist, Jake Burger of Portobello Star, London. Bob and Jake’s version of a reformulated Abbotts Bitters took five years to perfect and is the only product in his range to use a variety of aromatics, including lively peppermint, sweet cinnamon and warming spices.

The ultimate test was a Manhattan cocktail. To make it truly sublime, one or two secret ingredients were also added to Bob and Jake’s 21st century Abbotts recipe. Bob steeps these ingredients in Scotch whisky. Once filtered, the product is aged for six months in a medium-charred American White Oak barrel, a process that produces what has been described as “a more rounded flavour with many layers of complexity”. The resulting liquid brings an age-old product back to the modern bartender’s toolkit, with a distinctive, well-rounded flavour profile.

From a culinary perspective…

Abbotts Bitters are believed to be the original ingredient in a Manhattan cocktail.


Created by Jake Burger


  • 2 shot straight rye whisky
  • ½ shot Martini Extra Dry Vermouth
  • ½ shot Carpano Antica Formula Vermout
  • Bob’s Abbotts Bitters


Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.

Bob’s Abbotts Bitters provide a rich, herbal note that complement a classic Martini, elevate an El Presidente and works fabulously well with whisky, rum and gin cocktails.

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Reviews for Bob’s Abbotts Bitters

Lighter and more nutty than most aromatic bitters. These are easy-going and smooth with little of the usual nutmeg and cinnamon heavy flavor. Perfect in a Manhattan, and certainly a great addition to your bitters collection.

Good Spirits News

I am very glad that Abbott’s Bitters has been resurrected; to my mind it is a sweeter, lighter and more confectionery type of bitters and, as such, has its own niche to carve out. I see some really great potential uses in Autumnal or Winter cocktails.

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Bob’s Abbott’s offers an intriguing mix of ingredients that come alive in the mouth. Very aromatic, complex and well-rounded, Abbotts enhances the individual flavours rather than overpowering them.

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