Exclusive to Fortnum & Mason: Tea & Honey Aromatic Cocktail Bitters from Bob’s Bitters

23 July 2020

Crafted exclusively for Fortnum’s by Bob’s Bitters: “this artisanal elixir is infused with raw mountain honey and five distinct Fortnum’s teas, alongside a classic aromatic bitter base.

Lapsang Souchong, Formosa, Chai Spice, Ceylon and Honey Tea blend with a rich and nutty wild honey, sourced from the beautiful and unspoiled Galician peaks in Northeast Spain.

Just a few drops – we recommend two or three – from the built-in pipette will transform your cocktail or soft drink of choice. Whether that be an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Whisky Sour, Breakfast Martini, or even the more traditional Lemon Lime Bitters.

37.5% ABV

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