Bob’s Bitters & Difford’s Falernum Collaboration

20 September 2021

Introducing Difford’s Falernum Liquer

“We chat a lot with our mate Bob (of Bitters fame) and we got talking about what a great falernum should taste like. Weeks passed (as we sampled numerous brands) before we decided to make our own so we could enjoy falernum just like we want it to be - flavoursome, assertive but not overly spiced. Then we turned to Dan who designed a suitably ‘tropical’ label. Rum-based, our falernum has the traditional lime oils and warm spices such as clove but with two additional ‘secret’ botanical extracts that we think make it rather special. Difford’s Falernum clocks a moderate 18% on Bob’s trusty alcohol meter and he nailed the target 40 Brix sweetness.” ~ Difford’s Guide

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