Bob’s Bitters & Difford’s Falernum Collaboration

20 September 2021

Introducing Difford’s Falernum Liquer

“We chat a lot with our mate Bob (of Bitters fame) and we got talking about what a great falernum should taste like. Weeks passed (as we sampled numerous brands) before we decided to make our own so we could enjoy falernum just like we want it to be - flavoursome, assertive but not overly spiced. Then we turned to Dan who designed a suitably ‘tropical’ label. Rum-based, our falernum has the traditional lime oils and warm spices such as clove but with two additional ‘secret’ botanical extracts that we think make it rather special. Difford’s Falernum clocks a moderate 18% on Bob’s trusty alcohol meter and he nailed the target 40 Brix sweetness.” ~ Difford’s Guide

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Bob’s Bitters & D.R. Harris’s Original Pick-Me-Up Revival

23 November 2020

Bob’s Bitters and D.R.Harris are delighted to re-introduce their famous ‘morning reviver,’ The Original Pick-Me-Up, in a reimagined form as a Cocktail Bitters. The previous version of Pick-Me-Up which was served as a hangover cure at 29 St. James’s Street from the 1860s up until the early 2000s was a tonic and as such this bitters follows a very similar formula.

“Interest has remained in the Pick-Me-Up and long-term customers often asked about a possible revival. Having looked at many different alternatives over the years and working closely with our friends at The Beaumont Hotel and Bob Petrie of Bob’s Bitters we are delighted to relaunch the Original Pick-Me-Up as a Cocktail Bitters.” ~ D.R. Harris

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Bob’s Bitters & In the Loop Drinks’ Negroni Cocktail Box

21 September 2020

In the Loop Drinks new product Negroni Cocktail Box includes their No. 3 rosé Sussex Vermouth, Generation Distiller’s Sussex dry gin and Bob’s Bitters Orange & Mandarin.

The Negroni Cocktail Box is available to purchase online from In the Loop Drinks’ website

Bob’s Bitters & Purl London’s Bottled Cocktails

21 September 2020

Purl London’s new range of bottled cocktails includes Bob’s Daiquiri and Bob’s Margarita Bitters in “Mojito like no others” and “Pink Dove”
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Master of Malt Profiles Bob’s Bitters

02 September 2020

“Bitters are something of the salt and pepper of the cocktail world, but beyond Angostura and Peychaud, what’s the deal? We grabbed a minute with Bob Petrie of Bob’s Bitters to chat about the tasty, boozy seasonings.”

Read Master of Malt’s blog profile of Bob’s Bitters here

Exclusive to Fortnum & Mason: Tea & Honey Aromatic Cocktail Bitters from Bob’s Bitters

23 July 2020

Crafted exclusively for Fortnum’s by Bob’s Bitters: “this artisanal elixir is infused with raw mountain honey and five distinct Fortnum’s teas, alongside a classic aromatic bitter base.

Lapsang Souchong, Formosa, Chai Spice, Ceylon and Honey Tea blend with a rich and nutty wild honey, sourced from the beautiful and unspoiled Galician peaks in Northeast Spain.

Just a few drops – we recommend two or three – from the built-in pipette will transform your cocktail or soft drink of choice. Whether that be an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Whisky Sour, Breakfast Martini, or even the more traditional Lemon Lime Bitters.

37.5% ABV

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In praise of bitters

08 January 2020

Wine writer Jonathan Reeve profiles the various alcohol-free and alcohol-reduced drinks available in his feature: “How to Abstain” published on

Jonathan writes:
“Bitters are a great way to instantly jazz up various drinks without resorting to booze. Three dashes of bitters will add negligible alcohol to a drink, but stacks of flavour and intrigue. Three dashes of bitters in 300 ml of tonic water creates an excellent drink with about 0.25% alcohol.”

 “Angostura is the everyday/famous bitters, but Bob’s are better.Definitely seek these out. They’re hand-made in small batches, and available internationally. Bob makes incredibly pure cardamon bitters, and also grapefruit. Both of these are great for mixing Gunners, and any number of other interesting drinks.”

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Buveur Bottled Cocktails and Bob’s Bitters

13 September 2019

Buveur’s small batch, bottled cocktails are now available in Selfridge’s food halls and Selfridge’s online. Bob’s Bitters’ Abbotts, Chocolate, Orange & Mandarin flavours are used as ingredients in Buveur’s product range.

Bob’s Bitters & Difford’s collaboration: Daiquiri & Margarita Bitters

31 January 2019

“It struck me that some classic cocktails, particularly the Daiquiri and Margarita lack the extra complexity that bitters might add.” - Simon Difford
Read Simon Difford’s full story behind this collaboration

Donation to The Benevolent
For every bottle sold, Bob’s Bitters will donate £1 to The Benevolent Drinks Industry Charity

View 3 cocktails with Difford’s Daiquiri Bitters

Links to review & tasting notes and to purchase:

Difford’s Daiquiri Bitters by Bob’s Bitters

Difford’s Margarita Bitters by Bob’s Bitters


Bob’s Bitters feature in the smallest bar in the world

31 October 2018

In “Travel Man: 48 Hours in Milan” Channel 4, first shown: 1 Oct 2018, Richard Ayoade and comedian Morgana Robinson tour Milan, taking in paintings, a musical pasta-making lesson, and cocktails at Backdoor 43, the smallest bar in the world with a maximum capacity of 4 people.

Instagram @backdoor43_milano

Bob’s Bitters and The Modern Cocktail book

06 August 2018

Bob’s Bitters feature in several recipes in Matt Whiley’s new book The Modern Cocktail published by Jacqui Small.

In an introductory quote, Michael O’Hare, of The Man Behind The Curtain restaurant said: “People who don’t like cocktails like Matt’s drinks and people who don’t like bartenders like Matt. He is creative, intelligent and driven and it’s those qualities that make him the best in the country.”

In Matt’s cocktail recipe for “Turkish Coffee” (Raki) p.191,“It is basically an espresso martini” he uses Bob’s Cardamon Bitters.

For the recipe “Lack of Faith” (Tequila) p.184, “One of my bar staff was really keen to make a drink using roasted artichokes” Matt used Bob’s Vanilla Bitters.

In the “Perfect Martini” recipe, p.112, Matt writes: “A ‘perfect’ Manhattan has an even mixture of sweet and dry vermouth alongside the bourbon, and I wanted to think about how you could create a martini in the same way.” Matt’s “Perfect Martini” used Bob’s Orange and Mandarin Bitters.

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Bob’s Bitters New Label Design

16 November 2017

We’ve simplified our label which now includes a barcode plus social media icons for Instagram and Twitter.

Bob’s Bitters range

Why bitters are back on the bar

18 May 2014

Award-winning food writer Christopher Hirst investigates the recent rise in popularity of bitters.

If you happen to have visited a cocktail bar recently, you might have noticed that the forest of spirits has been augmented by a sapling colony of much smaller bottles, often decorated with ornate, old-fashioned labels. These are cocktail bitters, customarily added in minute quantities – usually a drop or two – but making a disproportionate contribution in terms of flavour and aftertaste. In the past year or two, such potent tinctures have become must-have ingredients for top-end bartenders.

Read the full article on the Independent website.

Craft cocktail bitters: What are they?

25 November 2013

The BBC Food website investigate bitters and talk to Bob about his range of single flavours:

Bob Petrie came up with Bob’s Bitters - a range of single flavours, when the Dorchester hotel in London wanted to develop a range.

“The idea was to create ‘The Gin Experience’ serving gin with a selection of bespoke bitters. I took the idea further, making single flavoured bitters with the botanicals used in the flavour profile of gin, e.g. cardamom, ginger, liquorice,” he says.

“I enjoy a cocktail, but am not really a drinker, so I see it more as a culinary point of view,” he says.

“Palates are changing - mine aren’t as bitter as others in the market, as they are single flavours, so people like the idea of adding and mixing those with control,” he says.

Read the full article on the BBC website.

Oh Gosh! Meets Bob

19 December 2008

London based Cocktail enthusiast Jay Hepburn runs the popular website Oh Gosh! Jay met Bob to chat about his bitters and sample the different flavours available.

Bob produces these bitters from a culinary perspective, aiming to concentrate on single ingredients that can then be used by bartenders in a controlled fashion to add specific flavours to drinks. This is a very different approach compared with traditional bitters, which usually combine many spices and botanicals to create a complex ingredient that adds an intricate mixture of flavours to a drink.

Read the full article at Oh Gosh!

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